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Helping your organization realize its vision

unify consulting group provides many services that can increase employee loyalty, commitment, productivity and knowledge sharing. Every organization is unique and through collaboration and candid discussion, we can recommend the services that best meet your needs.

Our distictive approach

unify consulting group has designed an integrated services model that provides you with valuable insight into your organization’s dynamics.

We know that one size does not fit all. You have unique needs and goals. By applying our clinical knowledge and business acumen to all levels of your organization, we can create innovative solutions that impact your bottom line.

Specify actions

Identify concerns

Solidfy relationships

Magnify results

Unify the organization

Our Services

Long Road


Integrated Employee Family Assistance Program

For organizations with 10 - 500 employees, we offer EFAP that include 4 - 6 hours of clinical counselling per calendar year. We place a high importance on continuity of care for employees who require more than 4 - 6 hours of EFAP counselling. Although they may reach their yearly employer paid benefit, their support and progress can continue uninterrupted, if they so choose. Unlike other EFAP providers, our counsellors are available for privately paid sessions. Counselling services include: - Individual, family and relationship counselling - Financial counselling - Legal consultation - Nutritional/dietician consultation - Psycho-educational assessment Other services: - Change and transition management - Termination support



Learning is essential to personal and professional growth. We can provide employees and/or leaders with opportunities to understand and build capability in many topics: - Stress Management - Management and Supervisory Training - Mediation / Conflict -Resolution - MBTI (Myer's Briggs Type Indicator) - Effective Communication - Drug and Alcohol Training and Assessments General mental health topics including: -Depression -Anxiety -Family and Children Issues -Harassment Training and Prevention -Anger Management -Assertiveness


Executive Manangement & Leader support

Strong teams need strong leaders. We support executive management and leaders through coaching to ensure that they understand the dynamics of the teams they lead in the areas of conflict, communication, knowledge sharing and project management.


Policy development

Organizations face large, complex challenges that can derail progress. Policies provide an essential link between your vision and how the work gets done. They provide context, explain expected behaviours and guide employees through the most critical issues that can create an unhealthy workplace. We lead the development of: - Alcohol and Drug policies -Harassment and Safe Workplace policies


Critical incident stress management (CISM)

Critical Incident Stress Management is a service that we provide to organizations when there is a traumatic event that occurs that could negatively impact their employees. Examples include employee death on or off site, natural environmental disasters, terminations, near miss incidents on-site or off-site, etc. The goal of providing CISM is to mitigate the potential negative impact of such incidents.


Team Building

We love building strong teams and helping them realize their potential. We work with them to understand specific differences, manage conflicts and create a cohesive working environment that is respectful, effective and productive. Both individual and group assessments and exercises are available to help teams reach their potential. This includes: - Personality assessments, including MBTI - Conflict resolution and mediation - Understanding and appreciating differences

It all starts with a phone call. Contact us today to discover how unify consulting group can help you reach your goals faster.

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