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Our Model

Our model enables us to be at the forefront of providing innovative resources and support that creates truly healthy organizations while helping employees realize their full potential.

All of our work, with both organizations and individuals, is based on the unify framework.

While maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality at every step:

  • with knowledge gained by providing organizational services, we help employees work effectively and productively within the organization's culture.

  • with understanding of organization culture and challenges through our clinical counselling, we help the organization remove barriers to having a unified purpose and direction.

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We help employees Identify where they are currently,  where they have been and where they want to go


We Specify resources and intervention strategies that will provide the foundation of transformative lasting change


We support employees to Solidify the practice of coping skills and strategies that will facilitate the journey towards long term health and success


We help Magnify the health and functioning of individuals that honors their individual values, beliefs and resiliency


Lastly, we unify the individual to create an integrated wholeindividual capable of emotional, physical and spiritual stability.

Key factors to a unified and healthy individual

  • assertive communication

  • mental and physical health

  • vulnerability, trust and transparency

  • connection, passion and integration


We assess to Identify where the organization is, where it was and where it wants to go.


We assess to Specify the collective perspective by understanding the individuals who make up the organization.


We provide strategy to Solidify the relationship between employees and leaders to understand the goals of the organization and what their particular role is within that vision.


We provide strategy to Magnify the success of the organization through employee loyalty, morale, communication and productivity.


We provide a strategy to the organization to reduce isolation, disengagement and incongruence between employee and organizational needs.

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Key factors to a unified and healthy organization

  • communication

  • trust

  • transparency

  • cohesiveness

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